Speed Optimization

Slydeways has many builtin features that make it one of the fastest themes on the market.

There is a section in the customizer named: Speed Optimization

It has three different settings for speeding up your website.

Use Font Awesome CDN (recommended)

This theme ships with all the fonts and assets needed without the need for CDN’s, However you can use CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) to speed up downloading times for users. This change affects the the Font Awesome Icons.
The Font Awesome fonts can be downloaded from the CDN by just gong Customize > Font Styles > Use Font Awesome CDN.

Optimize & Style Simple Colorbox Plugin

This is only needed if you are using the Simple Colorbox Plugin.

This speeds up loading of website. It stops loading the Colorbox Plugin scripts and css in the document head and sends the script to the footer instead. The css file is replaced by a custom optimized css file (/themes/slydeways/library/css/slydeways-colorbox.css) and appended to the document head using javascript in the footer.

Load jQuery in Footer (recommended)

WordPress comes with jQuery and it is usually loaded in the document head. Loading jQuery in the footer increases site speed but could be incompatible with one of your plugins. Please test and if your getting a jquery error or if your plugin requires jQuery loaded in the document head uncheck this box or find a better plugin. Read about render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content for more information.