Slydeways Changelog

Version: 2.0.0 May 27, 2019

Removed: Removed Firefox only CSS as the browser now calculates :after measurement correctly.

Fixed: Sharing buttons not centered correctly on some pages.


Version: 1.9.0 Mar 21, 2017

Changed: Moved some CSS to head to keep up with changes to Google Page Insights.

Fixed: Top margin spacing CSS when full size image used at top of page without article heading.

Updated: Font Awesome font icons updated to version 4.7.


Version: 1.8.0 Jan 27, 2017

Added: New fonts to font selection drop down.

Changed: Template Front Page Full Width to show article heading.

Fixed: Top margin on 404 page.


Version: 1.7.0 Dec 29, 2016

Fixed: Minor CSS for new Front Page Full Width template.


Version: 1.6.0 Dec 16, 2016

Added: New template Front Page Full Width No Heading.

Changed: Template Front Page Full Width to show article heading.

Removed: Upper Alpha CSS for numbered lists.


Version: 1.5.0 Sept 30, 2016

Added: Customizer options for link and hover colors on right slydebar (for mobile only).

Fixed: Error on front page slider when no background color was selected.

Fixed: Validation error on index/blog list page involving rich snippets.


Version: 1.4.0 Aug 31, 2016

Added: Support for alpha rgba colors on many customizer options.

Added: Options for menu backgrounds.

Added: Optimization options.

Added: Menus close when clocking on document background.

Updated: More unified control of colors and styles. Ability to do dark styles.

Updated: UI/UX javascript change when using button to open menu. Menu does not close when moving over with mouse after opening.


Version: 1.3.0 June 2, 2016

Added: Better support for rich snippets articles.

Updated: Theme Check recent update validation required changes.

  • Removed deprecated style tags.
  • Changed the way jQuery was loading in footer.
  • Stopped hiding admin bar when editing (may add a switch to turn it off in future).

Changed: Better support for logo sizing. Logo height added to css style in header.


Version: 1.2.0 April 30, 2016

Added: Control for article title font size. Modified spacing and alignment.

Added: Checkbox for show sidebar by post (only visible on posts, when Post Sidebar Display set to Show Sidebar By Post.

Changed: Post Sidebar Display label Show Sidebar By Meta to Show Sidebar By Post.

Changed: Category/Author border color to same as article title border color.

Fixed: Share to Pintrest link description.


Version: 1.1.0 January 29, 2016

Added: slydeways insert menu to toolbar. Easy inserts of lists, buttons and grids.

Added: Styles to editor for responsive layouts, grids and buttons. Dotted borders for grids make easier editing.

Changed: Theme updater changed to download automatic updates.

Updated: Font Awesome version to 4.5