Mobile & The Need for Speed


Optimizing your website for mobile is very important, it can have an impact on your visitors experience as well as your search engine rankings. Google has made this one of the many ranking factors that affect your sites position in the search results. Slydeways allows mobile users to view page content while other assets are being downloaded in the background. Not only does it speed up the mobile experience tremendously but the tablet and desktops are also much faster.


Why does it really matter so much? Mobile users are often on a 3 or 4G cell network and not a high speed cable connection. How many users are going to wait 14 or seconds while looking at a blank white screen? With 25% of people saying they would abandon a page if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load and 50% of mobile users abandoning after 10 seconds, the need for speed is obvious.


Even though cable users can load this website in under a second, what’s important is how long it takes for mobile 3G users to start seeing your content. If they are waiting for all your fonts, scripts and css to all load first, the load times can easily go over 30 seconds before they see anything but a blank screen.


So Just How Fast is Slydeways on Mobile?

Start Rendering

Mobile 3G: Under 1.7 Seconds

Images Rendered

Mobile 3G: 4 – 5 Seconds

End of Rendering

Mobile 3G: 7.5 – 11 Seconds


Check out our online speed test scores! Speed Test (start to render 1.3 sec)


Google Page Speed Insights & UX Test Results 100%


Pingdom Speed Test Performance Grade 99/100

GTmetrix Page Speed Grade 99/100

* If you serve fonts from your own site you can potentially get 100% on pingdom tests, however using CDN’s (content delivery networks) for the fonts increases speed in most cases but drops your score on their test. The above test is using Google fonts and a CDN for fontawesome (included in theme).


* These result came from our shared hosting server. Gzip compression and caching is enabled on the server. We were able to obtain these high scores while including several other assets like a full set of Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, WordPress’s overhead and several other JavaScript functions like sliders and css media support for ie8 and others used to extend the functionality. No WordPress caching or any other speed plugins were used in these tests. Gzip compression saved 78.5% of this page download size. Can’t do this on your host? Please contact us, as we have affordable hosting plans to fit most needs.


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